Small footprint, big impact!

I am working to transition my shop (and my LIFE life!) to 100% plastic free. Here's what I'm doing to make sure my small shop is a step toward a sustainable future:

  • Personally producing as many products as I can to have the most control over what goes in and what goes out 
  • When I can't produce an item myself, I am partnering with vendors who prioritize sustainability in their own business practices 
  • Packaging your orders with recycled and compostable materials 
  • Eliminating all single use plastic and other waste from my process (from creation of products to packaging materials)

This is a transition period, so when you receive your product it might still come packaged in a plastic sleeve! As I continue to finish up my current supply, plastic sleeves are being replaced with compostable glassine bags (not as pretty but way more earth friendly!) My ultimate goal is to ship products safely to your door while leaving the smallest footprint possible. I hope you'll join me on this journey!